Job Description


The R.N.A. provides direct and indirect resident care activities under the direction of a RN or LVN. Assists residents with activities of daily living, provides for personal care, comfort and assists in the maintenance of a safe and clean environment for an assigned group or residents. The R.N.A works closely with the Physical and Occupational Therapists, and is trained to participate in the course of treatment prescribed by the therapists.  The R.N.A. reports to the LVN/RN Charge Nurse and is ultimately responsible to the Director of Nursing.


  • Responsible for handling and caring for patients in a manner conducive to their safety and comfort.
  • Assists in preparation for admission of residents.
  • Assists in accompanies residents in the admission, transfer, and discharge procedures.
  • Responsible for making sure all resident clothing and personal items are on the inventory sheet and that all clothing and items are labeled with resident’s name. The Inventory Sheet must be signed at both admission and discharge by staff and resident/responsible party.
  • Provides morning care, which may include bed bath, shower or tub bath, oral hygiene, combing hair, back care, dressing residents, changing bed linen, cleaning over the bed table and bedside stand, straightening room and other general care as necessary throughout the day.
  • Assists residents to commode, toilet or on bedpan when required and empties urinals after each use, remembering to rinse. Assists those residents with toileting and personal hygiene that requires assistance.
  • Provides evening care which includes hands/face washing as needed, oral hygiene, back rubs, perineal care, freshening linen, cleaning over the bed tables, straightening room and other general care as needed.
  • Provides post-mortem care and assists in transporting bodies to the mortuary vehicle.
  • Assists RN/LVN in treatment procedures.
  • Provides general nursing care such as positioning residents, lifting and turning residents, apply/utilizing special equipment, assisting in the use of bad pan or commode and ambulating residents.
  • Takes and records temperature, pulse, respirations, weight, blood pressure, pain level and intake-output.
  • Makes rounds with outgoing shifts; knows whereabouts of assigned residents.
  • Makes rounds with oncoming shifts to ensure the unit is left in good condition.
  • Adheres to polices and procedures of the facility and Department of Nursing.
  • Participates in socialization activities on the unit.
  • Turns and repositions residents as ordered and/’or as needed, making sure no rough surfaces are in direct contact with the body. Lifts and turns with proper and safe body mechanics and with available resources.
  • Uses gait belts, hoyer lift, and other safety devices appropriately.
  • Checks for reddened areas of the skins breakdown and reports to the L.V.N. or R.N.
  • Ensures residents are dressed properly and assists, as necessary. Ensures that used clothing is properly stored in bedside dresser or on hangers in closet. Ensures that residents are clean and dry at all times.
  • Checks unit for adequate linen. Folds neatly and arranges linen in linen closet.
  • Puts all resident’s linen away. Provides clean linen and clothing. Makes beds.
  • Treats residents and families with respect and dignity.


  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Must be certified as a C.N.A. in the State of California.
  • New Nurse’s aides must pass their exam within four months of hire date.
  • Must be CPR certified within four months of employment.
  • Must have the physical strength to be able to maneuver, transfer and lift patients and residents as required by the set limits per hospital standard.
  • Must be knowledgeable of procedures and techniques involved in administering simple treatments and providing related bedside patient care.
  • Must have a good understanding basis to avoid infections or patients and self contamination of equipment and supplies.