Eastern Plumas
Health Care Benefits

Employee Benefits

  • EPHC’s Health Care benefits are Cafeteria Plan programs meaning the employee share of premiums are deducted prior to taxes, thus lowering your annual taxable income, and saving you money.
  • EPHC offers two plan structures:
    • Anthem Blue Cross PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)
      • Anthem’s PPO offers three tiers of coverage, allowing you to decide the best plan for you and your family.
      • No waiting period! Health benefits begin the first of the month after you submit your enrollment.
      • Deductible: Single - $500; Family - $1000
      • 20%Coinsurance after deductible is met
      • $20Co-pay for in-network provider office visits
      • 90-day supply-mail order pharmacy
    • Blue Shield EPO (Extended Provider Organization)
      • No waiting period! Health benefits begin the first of the month after you submit your enrollment.
      • Deductible: No deductible
      • Maximum Calendar Co-pays: Single -$1500; Family - $3000
      • 90-day supply-mail order pharmacy
  • Provided by MetLife
    • Exams allowed every 12 months, $10 co-pay
    • Lenses – one set allowed every 12 months
    • Frames – every 12 months$150 allowance after $25 co-pay
    • Contact Lens Exam – allowed every 12 months, $60 Co-pay
    • Contact Lenses - $150 allowance; in lieu of lenses/frames benefit
  • Provided by MetLife
    • Preventive care covered 100%
    • Basic Restorations covered 80%
    • Major Restorations covered 50%
    • $0.00 deductible in network
    • Maximum annual benefit per individual $1500
  • Paid Time Off: At EPHC, your PTO accrual begins with the first hour you work, and accrual rates increase with your years of service. (Eight recognized holidays are factored into each year’s accrual, so PTO is used to be paid for these holidays)
    • 0-5 Years: 22 days/year or 176 hours; rate of 0.08462/hour worked
    • 5-10 Years: 27 days/year or 216 hours; rate of 0.10385/hour worked
    • 10+ Years: 32 days/year or 256 hours; rate of 0.12308/hour worked
    • Emergency PTO cash-out of up to 80 hours per year is available.
    • PTO is cashed-out to you at the time separation of service occurs.
  • Paid Sick Leave:
    • EPHC provides 24 hours of Sick Pay gifted each calendar year (January 1 ). This paid benefit can be used for absences related to you or a family member’s health care needs.
    • Sick Pay becomes available for use 90-days after hire.
  • Bereavement Leave: EPHC recognizes the difficulty of losing loved ones, we offer up to three paid days off in the event of a death in your family.
  • 403(b) or 457(b) plans are administered through VALIC
    • EPHC provides 3% salary matching to employees who choose the 403(b) plan; matching is effective as soon as the account is open and employees begin their contribution.
    • Five-Year vesting plan @ 20% per year.
    • EPHC has a dedicated Financial Advisor who makes monthly visits to campus and is also readily available by cell.


Life Insurance provided
by MetLife:

  • $50,000 Natural Death/$50,000 Accidental Death or Dismemberment (AD&D) policies
  • 100% of the monthly premium paid by EPHC.
  • No waiting period.

Spending Accounts

  • Use pre-tax dollars to pay for health care or child care needs through this program
  • Cafeteria Plan, employee premiums are deducted prior to taxes, thus lowering taxable incoming, and saving you money.
  • FSA funds up to $2600/family for medical/health care expenses
  • FSA funds up to $5000/family for child/dependent care expenses

Supplemental Benefits

  • Cancer Policies
  • Accident Indemnity
  • Hospital Confinement Indemnity
  • Short Term Disability

Additional Perks

Tuition Reimbursement Program: up to $2000 annually for full time, benefited employees.

Discounted Propane: set up an account with High Sierra Propane, and receive a discounted rate on propane (rates vary with market).

Employee Discount for EPHC Services: When employees utilize EPHC services for their health care needs, they receive a 40% discount after insurance plans have paid, regardless of benefited-status.

Payment Plans for EPHC Services: Automatic payroll deductions are offered for any payment plans you or your family has with EPHC’s billing office; out-of-sight, out-of–mind installments help you to never miss a payment.

Discounted Cell Service: All employees with Verizon Wireless service can save 19% per month on cell phone bills.

Discounted membership for Care Flight emergency medical helicopter transportation for you and your entire family.

Living in unique and beautiful Plumas County, California with our crystal-clear lakes, outdoor recreation and small-town camaraderie.

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