Job Description


Under the direction of the CEO, develops and coordinates all aspects of the operation of the Human Resources (HR) Department.  Maintains personnel files.  Monitors procedures and practices for compliance with hospital, State and Federal requirements.  Trains and coaches supervisors in personnel issues.  Generates and tracks documentation relating to job descriptions, evaluations, and answers human resource related questions regarding policy, procedures, benefits and record information.  Acts as liaison between HR department, employees, management, and the public.  Recruitment and retention of qualified employees. The Director acts as a member of the executive team, and regularly updates the team on areas of HR such as wages, benefits, employee safety/worker’s compensation, and new compliance and regulatory changes.    



  1. Directs and supervises the development, organization, implementation, and evaluation of the  HR Department.  Makes written and oral reports/recommendations to the Administrator concerning the personnel needs, issues or problem areas as necessary or appropriate.
  2. Assists and advises department heads when requesting new or replacement personnel.  Recruits and arranges interviews and appointments as requested by Dept Heads.  Assures references and background checks are in place and verified prior to offer of employment.


  1. Monitors ads, newspaper notices and articles when appropriate and posts job openings on hospital bulletin board and website.


  1. Ensures proper hiring/discharge procedures are in compliance with established policies and procedures.  Consults with contracted consultant when necessary to clarify personnel issues.


  1. Orients new personnel to the facility and explains personnel policies and procedures, payroll procedures, safety regulations, customer service, etc., as established in orientation polices and procedures.


  1.          Arranges, in cooperation with Infection Control/Employee Health Nurse, for pre-employment tests.


  1.          Works with department managers to assure that licenses and certifications are current and up to-to-date in accordance with Title 22, hospital polices and other regulations.


  1.          Maintains an adequate personnel filing and scanning system that meets the needs of the facility and complies with current employment practices and labor law.


  1.          Directs and trains support personnel in the appropriate maintenance and provision of the system to assure timely distribution of employee performance evaluations.


  1.        Assures that payroll department is notified timely of payroll changes.


  1.        Provides assistance to Department Managers developing disciplinary actions.


  1.        Accepts grievances and assures that grievance procedures are implemented, maintained and followed in accordance with established policies.  Reviews complaints and makes oral/written reports/recommendations to the Administrator.


  1.         Assures confidentiality of all pertinent information to assure personnel and patient rights are protected



  1.        Serves on the Environment of Care Committee, providing input and recommendations representative of personnel issues.


  1.       Notifies employees and their supervisors of performance evaluations on a timely basis.  Tracks and documents the progression of evaluations.


  1.        Attends monthly department Management Conference meetings and other management meetings as directed by the Administrator.


  1.     Participates in and implements measures that provide for performance improvement in the department.


  1. Attends Executive Committee meetings and retreats.


  1.        Interacts with Alpha Fund regarding Workers Compensation issues and investigates claims.


  1.        Prepares periodic employee competency reports to the Administrator and Board of Directors.


  1.        Maintains a balanced perspective while acting as an employee advocate on employee relations issues.


  1. Coordinates the Unemployment Insurance function, processing UI claims in a timely and accurate manner.   Routinely reviews UI claim reports and forwards them to the Administrator for review.


  1. Coordinates the claims and reporting process for Workers Compensation and injury/accident reports, working closely with the Employee Health Nurse, Department Heads and Administrator to review, investigate and evaluate.


  1.        Is familiar with all employee benefits and accurately interprets them for employees.


  1.        Demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as positive, professional interpersonal skills.


  1.         Establishes and promotes positive public relations with employees, supervisors, management staff and other individuals interacting with the Personnel Department.  A professional, courteous attitude is displayed at all times in spite of frequent interruptions, as well as high volume and intensity of visitors, phone calls and paperwork needing prompt attention.


  1. May respond to requests for information or resumes as appropriate, and with approval of Administrator, to unsolicited surveys.


  1.        Provides information and serves as a resource to employees re: their rights, classification, requirements, benefits, retirement, compensation, and other related items.  Facilitates communication with third party administrators if necessary.


  1.        Maintains positive working relations with all departments and remote facilities.


  1. Must deal with confidential information and use discretion in dealing with internal staff and the public, utilizing a high degree of personal tact and diplomacy at all times.


  1.      Establishes and promotes positive public relations with employees, supervisors, management staff and other individual interacting with the HR Department.  A professional, courteous attitude is displayed at all times in spite of frequent interruptions, as well as high volume and intensity of visitors, phone calls and paperwork needing prompt attention.


  1. Maintains a current OSHA log, completing OSHA form 200 and posting Log Report for the entire month of February every year as required by law at each site.


  1. Does research, as needed to minimize risk or financial liability in Workers Compensation and UI cases.


  1. Presents periodic in-service to department supervisors on personnel related issues.


  1. Maintains classification/compensation systems. Regularly participates in compensation surveys for executive, management and non-management positions.


  1. Reviews and recommends the development or revision of Personnel Policies and Regulations.


  1. Reviews related legislation affecting hospital; apprises department supervisors and the Administrator of pending changes to current practices.


  1. Attends workshops and training seminars as necessary to remain updated on employment law.


  1. Performs other related duties as assigned by the Administrator.




POSITION REQUIREMENTS: (Include Education, Certifications, Physical Capacities, Equipment Used, Specific Skills)

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills and abilities required.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.



The following education or combination of education and experience are required for the position:

  • Graduation from 4-year accredited University
  • Command of the English language and able to communicate clearly to callers, visitors, patients, and all other staff members.
  • Understanding of HIPPA and confidentiality issues as they relate to patient documents and communications.
  • At least two years of experience in upper management or human resources.