Job Description

The Respiratory Care Technician is responsible to the physician for carrying out orders from the medical staff for all types of respiratory therapy.  He/She will use medical understanding, technology, and personal interventions to accomplish this.  He/She is to contact the physician on any orders other than routine orders or in case of emergency.


  • Greets patients and obtains information in a professional, positive and friendly manner. Projects an effective, customer-oriented image.
  • Performs therapeutic and diagnostic patient respiratory care and outpatient services within the scope of practice and in accordance with department protocols. Also performs an ongoing assessment of the patients Respiratory needs. Performs Respiratory teaching / in-service as needed to staff and or patients.
  • Collaborates with all health care coworkers to facilitate optimal patient care in a timely manner.
  • Responds promptly to nursing reports of change in patient status and all questions / concerns.
  • Communicates the Respiratory needs of the patient and any changes to the patient’s physician in a timely manner.
  • Monitors and maintains all Respiratory equipment. T
  • Ministration of Respiratory medications and monitoring effects of such medications.
  • Prepares, submits and maintains records on above procedures by documenting in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).
  • Mentoring / teaching and or in-service of Respiratory Therapy to nursing as the need arises.
  • Demonstrates proper cleaning and decontamination of Respiratory Therapy medical equipment using appropriate cleaning agents.
  • Maintains stock of department supplies and work areas.
  • Monitors the EPHC bulk oxygen system to maintain supply and pressure needed to the hospital system. (Also orders oxygen if needed each week on Mondays.)
  • Changes oxygen cylinders when needed for E.R., CT Scan, Acute and PSNF as needed.
  • Refers to and appropriately implements the EPHC Infection Control Policy.
  • Correctly demonstrates proper standard, air-born, and droplet precautions.
  • Follows established EPHC organizational policies and procedures.
  • Maintains and expands professional competence by participating in continuing education, and other appropriate learning experience.
  • Understands his/her effect on others through attendance, promptness, appearance, language and appropriate professional behaviors.
  • Displays fiscal responsibility through organization and appropriate utilization of time and resource management.
  • Participates and facilitates positive conflict resolution by engaging in respectful, honest dialogue. Utilizes proper chain of command when unable to resolve conflict.