Job Description


The Central Services Manager reports to the Chief Financial Officer


The Central Services Manager is responsible for the effective management, coordination of staff, and daily operations of the Medical Supply, Laundry & Linen, and Purchasing departments. This position delegates duties and responsibilities according to employee skills and capabilities; initiates innovative approaches that extend beyond the status quo resulting in more effective methods of managing activities through the development/revision of department policies, procedures, programs and services.


• Manages and staffs the operational functions to include receiving, distribution, inventory, management, and courier services.

• Evaluates departmental functions and the delivery of services and provides feedback to others.

• Identifies and evaluates opportunities for lower-cost supply alternatives or practices leading to resource consumption reduction.

• Maintains appropriate management reports related to distribution, receiving, vehicles, cost reductions, staff performance, product utilization, and system operations.

• Tracks distribution of patient care equipment and ensures functionality of the equipment.

• Codes invoices for proper expense distribution.

• Maintains vendor contracts and set up of new accounts working closely with distributor representatives for credit lines, updated products and quotes.

• Maintains Shred-It containers and coordinates pickups.

Cleans and maintains Surgical and Endoscopy equipment, sets up surgical r om and equipment for procedures. Maintains PAR levels for supplies.

• Oversees laundered linens ensuring proper cleanliness, storage , and discard of rejected items. Inventory and reorder periodically to maintain proper levels.

• Responsible for disaster linen supplies

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: (Include Education, Certifications, Physical Capacities, Equipment Used, Specific Skills)

To competently perform the duties of this position, a combination of education and job related experience is required. Strong interpersonal skills and excellent follow through is required. Effective and accurate written and oral communication skills are essential. Working knowledge of the principles of business management and hospital processes is an added bonus.


The incumbent maintains close working relationships with the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, administrative staff and other supervisory and management personnel of all hospital and clinic departments.

Frequent contact with outside vendors and peers from other facilities is expected.